transformational branding for unicorn femmepreneurs

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what is A transformational brand?


A transformational brand sparks connection + builds real community.

A transformational Brand is a strategically cultivated, authentic persona that speaks directly to your dream clients and drives them to engage. To buy. To tell their friends.

A Transformational Brand is so much more than your logo or slogan. It is your stories, rituals, and way of being. IT IS YOUR SOUL ON PAPER.


Hello fellow unicorn, I’m Cat!

Business Transformation Artist + Branding Boss + Collaboration Queen + Momma of many Fur Babies!

Before I decided to blow-up-the-box and cash-in on my quirk I spent years worrying about looking, acting and sounding professional, smart and serious. It was suffocating and soul sucking. I was crippled by self-doubt and afraid that no matter what I did I’d never be enough until I realized that you can always choose to do things differently. So, I’ve devoted my life to helping other stuck and scared Unicorns, like you, see yourself differently so that you can discover your purpose, find your people, and build an empire doing what you love!

Want to know how I went from hiding in a vanilla, boring AF ‘Consulting Closet’ to getting hired to Rock-The-Boat?


ready to leverage your quirk + spice up your life?

I got you lady! Head this way for 1:1 insight, hand-holding + branding solutions that will take you to the next level…

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what my clients are saying…

I have pretty awesome clients, including Emily! Want to know what else my clients are saying?