what i offer

ONE-SIZE-FITS-ONE EXPERIENCES FOR ONE-OF-A-KIND WOMEN. All of my offerings are custom crafted but fall into 2 general categories = Coaching + Team Projects

and every offer includes…

Tough Love. Laughter. Serious Accountability. Talking Loud. Hard Questions. And Life Changing Baked Goods.


1:1 Brand Coaching + unicorn mentorship

Available Online + IRL


unicorn biz + brand intensives

Every year we come together to transform a handful of exceptional, obsessively passionate, totally-out-of-the-box women.

over several days we transform their brand, biz + life. Here’s the 411…

  • WE WORK WITH YOU, NOT ON YOU. This is your baby. Your brain child. You’re the SECRET SAUCE.

  • You don’t come to us, WE COME TO YOU. We enter your world so that we can get DOWN-IN-THE-TRENCHES with you and EXPERIENCE YOUR JOURNEY up close and personal.

  • We employ a MULTITUDE OF BRILLIANT FEMALE PERSPECTIVES (and a Tribe of 4-6 women) always aiming to create a perfectly balanced HARMONY of skills, personalities, and wisdom.

  • Think of it as the ultimate MEETING OF THE MINDS where FEMININE DIVINE ENERGY, LAUGHTER AND TEARS (plus serious smarts and experience, obvs!) reign supreme.

  • We look at EVERYTHING. HOLISTICALLY. You don’t live or do business in a vacuum and one broken part can throw off a whole system. Nothing exsists in isolation.

  • This exclusive experience is by application only. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.